Do you know ? "PEKANBARU"
PEKANBARU also one of Indonesian cities which experienced construction booming. But, the most notable and what make it really different with other city mega-booming are:

1. Pekanbaru only needs 900 thousand human population, to experience property and economy booming. In fact, the population of Pekanbaru keeps growing, from only about 500 thousand in year 2000, and in 2005, it already hit 717 thousand notches, andWith all of its potencies, Pekanbaru population will keep growing. This is what differ Pekanbaru than any other Sumatra Cities which some of them has started the stagnancy period for its human population.

2. According to Indonesia Statistical Bureau, In 2005, Riau Province were rated as the province with the highest Annual Growth of Labour Force in SUmatra and also In Indonesia. It means RIAU PROVINCE (and Pekanbaru as well) will be still in the top position as the province of jobseekers.

3. The massive development were not only initiated by Private sector. But, in fact The local government also commited to build some mega-project , It also differs Pekanbaru from some other city, some government project were realized and it is indeed "NOT-A-TALK-ONLY" project ..

4. Pekanbaru got the nice strategic location (see the illustration). From the 3 major cities in Sumatra, Pekanbaru got the closest distance with some economy power in South-East Asia such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

5. Pekanbaru were said to be one of the city in Indonesia who already set up its own stock exchange called RiauFUND.

6. Pekanbaru is really close with some of the home of mega-company, such as PT. Riau Andalan Pulp Paper, PT. Indah Kiat, PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia, and PT. Perkebunan Nusantara V .and some wood-sawmill, CPOs, and rubber-processing company. Pekanbaru is often said as one of the city with the highest money and banking rotation in Indonesia.

7. Pekanbaru (as a part of Riau Province) will host PEKAN OLAHRAGA NATIONAL (PON) in year 2012 .It means that there will be many more construction and development on Riau Province before 2012.. One of them includes the relocation of Pekanbaru current airport . Just conclude that, the construction booms will not end until 2012 . C'mon . today is still 2008, right

8. Pekanbaru also get some experience to host some national and international class events, such as
APHO (Asian Physics Olympiad)
OSN (Olimpiade Sains Nasional)
PORWANAS (Pekan Olahraga Wartawan Nasional)
RIAU INVESTMENT SUMMIT 2007 (involving a number of International and domestic investors)

9. Riau Province GDP's growth in 2007 were 8.04%, rated Riau Province as top Indonesian Provinces who reached remarkable economic growth.

10. Pekanbaru already have daily-scheduled flight to some of South-East Asia economic power such as Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

11. Pekanbaru itself even already reached 8.9% economical growth in 2007.

in 2012, Riau Province will be the host of PEKAN OLAHRAGA NASIONAL (PON)

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