University of Riau is there in the first provincial Riau. University of Riau was born on September 25th, 1962. It started by the good will and mutual aims between society and the Riau government to have the national university. It more realized by forming The University of Riau’s. The founding fathers of University of Riau are Colonel Kaharuddin Nasution, Datuk Wan Abdurrahman, Soeman Hs and Drs. Sultan Balia.
One picture a reflection of Pekanbaru. An old age looking for income at the intersection of Traffic Light

Mengarak Tabak is a tradition in Indragiri Hulu, Tabak is a container so designed and decorated, and inside there are the traditional foods of Indragiri Hulu. Tabak was paraded around the village, Tabak tradition is usually done at weddings and circumcision in Indragiri Hulu district.