"Surfing on the river "The exciting Bono Pelalawan, Riau, Indonesia"Bono is an amazing natural phenomenon. Where, when the tide go up a river, the river water will menggelombang, big choppy. The wave height at 6 feet. WAVE NATURE RIVER KAMPAR BONO has been phenomenal and attracted many tourists both local and foreign tourists, especially surfers.

Surfer Enjoy Morning Breakfast

Initial wave of Bono begins with high whistling sound followed by the sound of thundering water. The noise grew louder the longer it will boom like thunder accompanied by the magnitude of waves Bono. Bono wave velocity reaches 40 km/h and enters the upstream direction for miles feet away usually reaches a distance of 60 km away to the upstream and ending at the Tanjung Pungai, Meranti – Pelalawan Riau. Bono is not just one wave, but many, and hand in hand. Sometimes it is on the left and right edge or river bank, sometimes together in the middle of the river. The greatest Bono surf kampar happens when the rainy season usually occurs where the flow of water large enough on Kampar River in November and December.


What you can find on Kampar River in Sumatra is fairly similar to the Pororoca on Araguari river. Despite medium tidal range (4m max), the shallow estuary of Kampar, probably overpowered by an extremely efficient funnelling effect and the acceleration of Malacca Straight, produces up to 10ft face breaking waves. If the Bono can reach barreling momentum for 10-15 minutes, the main course is probably 2-5ft soft peeling waves, allowing dozens of round-house cutbacks, probably best suited for longboarders, paddlesurfers, intermediates surfers and even beginners. The bore breaks up to 4h, about 50 km rides, and each surfer end up surfing 1 hour or so on 4-5 sections. Record time is 1hour 02' by Bagé : a 1h30 continuous ride could easily be achieved soon

How To Bono Tidal Bore

There were at least 5 regular flight path toward the provincial capital Pekanbaru Riau, namely via Batam, Jakarta, Medan, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Of Pekanbaru city tour continues to the base Kerinci with 1hr trip mileage. The base of Kerinci then continued on to Teluk Meranti with the distance of 4 hours.

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