on 21 Agustus 2010

Siak palace known as "Palace of the Sun East" and also called Asserayah Hasyimiah or was built by Sultan Sharif Hashim Abdul Jalil Syaifudin in 1889 by German architect. The architecture is a combination between the architecture of Malays, Arabs, Europeans and Siak Palace building was completed in 1893
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Bill mengatakan...

It looks like a nice little weekend retreat for the poor chap.

17 April 2010 08.17
Leif Hagen mengatakan...

That's quite a fancy palace indeed! I just wonder what it looks like inside?!

18 April 2010 19.56
stuttgart daily mengatakan...

wonderful photo

23 Agustus 2010 05.33
bang FIKO mengatakan...

Ri... Warnanya koq jadi agak keunguan gitu... Kenapa gak warna asli aja bro..

23 Agustus 2010 21.33
Nina Herman mengatakan...

Nice pictures. I was come to here, but unfortunately when it came to the building being repainted

18 Februari 2011 23.31
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