Festival Bakar Tongkang is a leading cultural tourism Riau Province of Rokan Hilir (Rohil). Festival Bakar Tongkang has become a national and even international tourism. Fuel Barge ceremony is a traditional ceremony Tionghoa community in the capital district of Rokan Hilir Bagansiapiapi.

Festival Bakar Tongkang Ritual is the story of Sino community cruise who had fled from the ruler of Siam in the 19th century. In the lead ship in Mie Ang Kui, there is a statue of the god Ong Kie Yes, and the five deities, which commanders called Taisun Ong Yes. Statues of the gods they had brought from the land of China, and according to their belief that god will provide for safety in shipping, until finally they settled in Bagansiapiapi. 

Respect and gratitude for the prosperity and safety that they receive from the sea as the main livelihood Bagansiapiapi Tionghoa community, so they burned the junk (the barge) that is conducted every year. While prayer procession was held on 15, 5 years of 16 lunar months.
Several other sources mention that the ritual Bakr Barge is the worship ritual to commemorate the birthday of the god Ong Kie Yes (god Sea). This ceremony has its own characteristics and can not be found elsewhere in Indonesia.